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Chemical class tree

* i.e. phenylpropanoids that are not included in the main classes of (iso)flavonoids, coumarins, stilbenes, lignans, and hydroxycinnamic acids


You have chosen the class steroidal alkaloids. The number of found phytocompounds is 7

id Phytocompound Synonyms Chemical class Taste
chonemorphineN~20~,N~20~-Dimethylpregnane-3,20-diaminesteroids; pregnanes; steroidal alkaloids;bitter
conessinewrightine, roquessine, neriine, konessinsteroidal alkaloids;bitter, pungent
protoveratridine__steroidal alkaloids;bitter (insufficient evidence)
protoveratrines (A,B)__steroidal alkaloids;bitter
solanidineSolatubin_qwyx Solanidin_qwyx Solatubine_qwyx 22R,25S-Solanidanine_qwyx 22R,25S-Solanidine_qwyx Solanid-5-en-3beta-ol_qwyx 3-beta-Solanid-5-en-3-ol_qwyx Solanid-5-en-3-beta-olsteroidal alkaloids;bitter
solasodineSolancarpidine; solasodin; salasodinesteroidal alkaloids;bitter
solasoninesolasonin, tomatine solaradixinesteroidal alkaloids;bitter

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